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Corporat Leader Speaks to You

“Training Partner”, is a pervasive term which has a deep sense of moral responsibility diffused into it. Unfortunately, in today’s era this broader term has been narrowed down to materialistic benefits only. “Corporate leader speaks to you”- is an initiative led by Gnosis plus to re-establish the lost glory of the term. As true training partner of student& colleges. Gnosis Plus could sense the continuously broadening gap in between the limited exposure of the students and towering expectation of the industry from the budding engineers. To put a halt to this, Gnosis plus came up with this noble concept of giving an open platform to the students to extract all what they want to know about industry straight from the horse’s mouth.

Under this initiative Gnosis Plus has been relentlessly working in bringing the eminent personalities from various industry segments to the students especially of small towns. “Corporate leader speaks to you” has given the platform to the amateurs to have an open deliberation with the veterans of the industry and reap maximum information about their desired industry segment. This forum invites the corporate personalities to share their valuable experience on different facets of the industry. Not to mention, it has even given an insight to the faculties to know in which way they need to direct their expertise to the students. To count a few ,eminent personalities from renowned companies like Rishabh Instruments Pvt .Ltd, 3DPLM software solutions limited, Mahindra & Mahindra, Garware Polyesters has been bought to various client colleges to guide the students about the industry’s expectation and update them with the latest tunes of the industry both on technical and behavioral grounds.

Being a non-commercial initiative “corporate leader speaks to you” is the testimony of the depth to which Gnosis Plus understands and justifies its role of being a true “Training Partner”