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About Gnosis Plus

Gnosis Plus is professionally managed premier organization providing Learning and Development Services to the Young India…the Youngistaan! India is a country which has the largest population of young people in the world. According to recent census there are 64 crores of youth between the age 13-35, which, according to the National Youth Policy, accounts for 40% of total population of India. And it is this resource of our country which has given India the face of India Inc.

Ironically, this valuable resource of our nation is not nurtured conscientiously due to pit holes in the education system that emphasizes more on bookish knowledge and is far away from the practical implications of the knowledge gained. This is the biggest impediment in their way of becoming employable. No wonder the major chunk of the youths survive in despair and lands up in frustration despite of having the Talent because they are not the preferred choice of the industries.

The biggest paradox of our country is that we do not have a dearth of skilled workforce but we are in need of employable workforce. The pressure of growing global economy and fears of dwindling talent supply due to demographic shifts and the dynamics of skills shortages are prominent amongst the concerns of organizations worldwide. There is a huge problem of talent crunch. Paradoxically, talent is the fuel of the Human Capital Engine.

At Gnosis Plus, we believe everybody is blessed by talent, they only need to be realized of this and equip with right attitude and skills to harness maximum of their innate potential. Gnosis Plus is committed to catalyze the process of talent transformation and developing industry ready professionals possessing steely will power, mighty determination, tremendous grit, right attitude blended with the required soft competencies and technical skills to enhance their Employability Quotient thereby making them employable. By virtue of its robust expertise and dedicated team, Gnosis Plus is successfully armouring the youths with required attitude, skills and competencies by its meticulously designed and smartly administered training modules, taking a stock of their innate potentials and natural inclination by internationally benchmarked psychometric assessments and bridging the gap between college education and industry demands with the help of its unique Technical Incubation Centre.

Gnosis Plus is committed for uplifting and nourishing this vast talent pool of our country so that their prowess can be tapped and exploited to benefit themselves, the corporates and subsequently the nation as a whole. After all it is this talent through which modern India sees its unprecedented growth and development.