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A galaxy of intelligent minds, contributing every bit of their grey cells to push their organisations as the best known in the world. An arena where survival, success & defeats all are ephemeral; where each idea has the power to drag it to the dumps or take it to exponential heights -We are talking about “THE CORPORATE”. An extended attention towards the top notch companies and surplus flow of training organizations towards this level has almost saturated any further scope in the same. Analyzing this very fact, Gnosis plus has triggered its attempts on a segment which we identified as unaddressed and niche -The SME (Small Medium Enterprises) sector.

Gnosis plus provides a gamut of end to end training solution to all its corporate associates. We design our modules to ensure a proper amalgamation of out bound and inbound training. The former being driven by experiential learning whereas inbound training is inspired with the spirit of deliberation and soliciting critic, to achieve that extra edge of self-improvement.

The term “training “ is always driven by a focus on development ,whereas in different industry segments this development has to be essentially in terms of elevating the overall profitability Index and the Net asset value, both in tangible and non-tangible form of the company. For any conformist or non-conformist organisation unless training delivers output, it is mere expense rather than an investment. Keeping this fact in mind, Gnosis Plus, with its wide nexus of veteran trainers from the corporates, provides real time solutions ensuring minimum financial inputs. To satiate the appetite of intellectual growth Gnosis Plus involves great deal with its clientele to assist them in their intra-organizational and inter-organizational challenges. To sum it up all, it would be apt to say that irrespective of what we do and how we do, we mean business.