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CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Corporate Social responsibility, a term which lost its glory ever since it came into existence is paving its way back to a total makeover. Initially used as a tool for window dressing, CSR has evolved in last decade as a true measure of contributing back, in the upliftment of the society. Organizations are being called upon to take the responsibility for the ways their operations impact societies and the natural environment. Though with Gnosis Plus it’s negligible in terms of resources that we use from the society but the organisation stands by its image of being a premier professional organization driven by humane values. In spite of being a fresh incumbent into the arena of more than a decade old organisations, Gnosis Plus has been significantly involved in giving back to the society. As the organisation believes that an ethical company would never like to reap economic prosperity, in isolation from the social agents impacted by its actions. As its first stride towards the way of CSR, Gnosis Plus has taken the responsibility of financially assisting few needy children for their future education and in the times to come, Gnosis Plus can be termed as a thought process which is definitely spearheaded in adding mileage to its bottom line but at the same time stands affirm as a responsible corporate entity.