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Media in its all forms , Published Interview of the industry people and various National –International skill survey ,all have been crying loud about the crisis which the Nation is going through in terms of the required skill sets amongst India’s Youth. But a very little has been done to do with this challenge. On the contrary, we have always enjoyed the tag of being planet’s youngest nation but never thought of this demon in disguise, which is approaching the nation with silent strides. No wonder, if this alarming situation is left on its own, we might lead the world in the list of “The Unemployables”.

Gnosis Plus is doing its bit in its best possible way by bringing academia as close as to Industry through imparting its training sessions designed to meet the industry expectation. Gnosis Plus is committed to lead transformation in as many as students we can.

At Gnosis plus we believe that each and every individual has the innate potential to make it to the industry segment, in which he wants to be. All what is required is an organized approach and a hand to shape the correct skill set within the individual. A processed approach to balance our weakness and sharpen our skills can be a winning mantra for all the ambitious pupil out there. Gnosis Plus stands by all such ambitious minds in their voyage towards a prosperous career.