kiran Padhye
Head - Team Aptitude

Kiran Padhye is a Production Engineer by education but, deep at heart, he is a person who loves teaching passionately. And that is why, after his first successful career stint as Production Engineer with Garware Polymers Ltd and then with R.S.A. Polymers Pvt. Ltd. he decided to render his services in the field of education. Due to his forte in mathematics, he chose it as his area of expertise. In past, he has headed the crucial operations of various organizations like GATE FORUM where he spearheaded its business activity across Vidarbha region, both, in terms of volume and topline. At Gnosis Plus he is  heading Team Aptitude and is accountable to take care of content development, upgradations, batch scheduling and overall team management. He loves to teach Quantitative Ability and Logical Reasoning, both with equal ease.  

A cheerful person wearing a warm and pleasant smile on his face, he connects very easily with the college youngsters. No wonders…despite teaching a heavy subject like Aptitude Test; his sessions are full of enthusiasm and life. An excellent way to inculcate profound understanding of Aptitude test in jovial way!